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Lenyork provides a wide range of creative services for small and medium businesses.
Film and television media

We have rich experience in video translation, providing one-stop service from translation, dubbing to subtitle production. To ensure a high standard of listening, recording, translation and subtitle matching, all our dubbing actors are native language video interpreters with many years of dubbing experience. They can perfectly convey your message with authentic native language pronunciation and inflection.

Finance and Economics

For clients in the financial industry, translators with deep experience in the field of finance or financial management are employed. When the translation is completed, the graphic and desktop typesetting department typesets the financial documents and reports according to the needs of the customers and the culture of the target country, ensuring a perfect presentation of the customer's copy.

Retail e-commerce

We have rich experience in language services for retail and cross-border e-commerce industry, and effectively handle localization of typical e-commerce platforms using a large number of translators, combined with advanced technology and process to provide language service and global marketing solutions for relevant enterprises and brands.

Architectural engineering

With many years of practical engineering experience, our engineer translation team is skilled at translation for bidding, engineering specifications, technical standards and other fields. At the same time, it also provides translation outsourcing services and a strict translator selection process to ensure that only highly competent translators are employed.

A Few Words About Lenyork

We are a full service creative digital agency, where we take a strategic approach to ensure you get to where you desire to be. We believe in generating outcomes, not simply creating appearances. We work with the small, medium, and large businesses, providing high-quality cost-effective services that shape your success.

Film and television media


Finance and Economics


Retail e-commerce


architectural engineering


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Lenyork always makes it a priority to stay ahead of the game. We’re always educating ourselves, keeping up with the trends, and adding new services that we believe will assist in our client’s growth.

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