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Our professional project team are not only translation experts, but also familiar with the related work of chemical engineering. They are committed to petroleum translation projects, including exploration, drilling, refining, chemical engineering, plastics, resin, chemical fiber, electric power, power generation, power transformation, etc.

Aviation machinery

The minimum translation experience of translators is no less than 3 years, and that of reviewers should be no less than 7 years. These requirements help to meet the increasing needs of customers for language services, provide professional, standard and highly reliable output, and meet the all-around language needs of the aviation machinery manufacturing industry in the process of globalization, informatization and intelligence.

Automobile manufacturing

Most of our translators have several years of translation experience in the automotive industry. They possess extensive automotive industry professional knowledge and its affiliated areas, and understand the latest trends in the industry. Through many years of translation practice in the automotive industry, they have compiled a comprehensive glossary of industry terms, which ensures the accuracy of automotive industry terms and the fluency of translation and language.


We have many years of translation experience and a professional translation team in the field of energy. The team interpreter has many years of translation experience and background knowledge in power, coal, environment, new energy, solar energy, wind energy and other areas, as well as practical experience in interpretation and translation for many large international energy conferences and energy projects.

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We are a full service creative digital agency, where we take a strategic approach to ensure you get to where you desire to be. We believe in generating outcomes, not simply creating appearances. We work with the small, medium, and large businesses, providing high-quality cost-effective services that shape your success.



Aviation machinery


Automobile manufacturing




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Lenyork always makes it a priority to stay ahead of the game. We’re always educating ourselves, keeping up with the trends, and adding new services that we believe will assist in our clients’ growth.

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